It may be the best around but there is a MAJOR reason not to buy the new Surface Laptop


Microsoft’s new Surface Laptop has been widely praised as being the best laptop of its kind just now and is seen by many as the future of personal computing.

However, new research has revealed why some users may want to give Microsoft’s new laptop a wide berth.

The new Surface Laptop has been described as “hellish” and anyone looking to repair one will “inflict a lot of damage” according to repair specialists iFixit.

The company gave the device a zero rating in terms of repairability saying that it was “not meant to be opened or repaired”.

iFixit’s comments went on, “There is nothing about it that is upgradable or long-lasting.

“It literally can’t be opened without destroying it.”

They also branded the Windows 10 gadget “Russian nesting doll from hell”.

iFixit said that the device was held together with “plastic soldering” and was a “glue-filled monstrosity” with none of the user upgradeable parts you would find in a PC.

Speaking to Motherboard, they said, “It literally can’t be opened without destroying it, if we could give it a -1 out of 10, we would.

“It’s a Russian nesting doll from hell with everything hidden under adhesive and plastic spot welds. It is physically impossible to nondestructively open this device.”

Microsoft, not surprisingly, are quick to praise the device saying, “this Surface perfectly blends fabric and function, power and portability, beauty and performance.

“It does all of this without compromising on the things we know are important to higher education students: battery life, display quality, storage, and portability.”

The Surface Laptop includes a 13.5-inch PixelSense display, protected by edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass 3.


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