What’s this Meerkat app that everyone is raving about?


If you have been using Twitter over the last few weeks, you may have noticed something called Meerkat. It’s a new iOS (iPhone only, for now) app that links to Twitter, that brings live video streaming to the social network. So what is it, and why is everyone talking about it?

Meerkat app makes live streaming simple

The app is very simple. You just connect Meerkat with your Twitter account, and then there are two options – stream and schedule. Stream lets you broadcast right now straight from your phone’s camera to the Internet. Schedule is pretty much the same but at a predefined time. You can also see ‘followers’ and ‘following’ just like on Twitter.

Meerkat App

Once you are streaming live, you should be able to watch people trickle into your feed, and what they reply on Twitter shows up directly on your stream, so you can see what people are saying. If someone has your link, they can watch your stream on an iPhone or a desktop computer – pretty simple.

The app has become incredibly popular since it launched just weeks ago, but right now nobody is exactly what to make of it – the few videos that I’ve seen so far have been of fairly mundane things, or just dead streams entirely. It’s only a matter of time before adult content finds its way onto Meerkat…

So, it’s all rather new and unknown at the moment. Will Meerkat end up being just a flash in the pan, or survive to become a mainstay of social media? In any case, it’s likely that Twitter will eventually adopt live streaming in some form, as it has been reported that the company has already been in talks with Periscope, a streaming app that’s very similar to Meerkat.

Let us know in the comments whether you have used Meerkat. Is it a great app, or completely pointless?