Meet Runcible, the Pocket Watch Smartphone


Monohm is set to release their device called the Runcible. The company, headed by past Apple and Sony employees, is introducing a new kind of smartphone. Instead of the rectangular shape that users are used to, the Runcible is round. A wood-back and a strong resemblance to a pocket watch is the signature of Monohm’s device.

Designed to be a pocket watch, this smartphone lacks app capabilities, but it does provide web access, text messages, taking photos and making calls.

The industry is abuzz with the possibilities that Runcible provides. Statements compare the company’s innovative phone to the likes of the Motorola Razr, which was the thinnest phone on the market. Quick sales of the Razr paid off for the company, but concerns for Runcible deal with the company’s lack of financials. Experts fear that unlike Motorola, Monohm will not have the reach and same brand awareness to be a major success.

The company has stated that they are attempting to bring back pocket watch designs. Appealing to a niche audience, the phone can be attached to a chain and there will be a third-party clasp that completes the authentic pocket watch look and feel.

Barcelona will hold the Mobile World Congress next week where the phone is set to debut. Co-creator, Aubrey Anderson, said the phone will be an exclusive product of KDDI, a Japanese carrier. Battery life is expected to last 4 days and online sales of the product are expected to begin later in the year.

Prices have not been finalized, but a statement has been made that the phone will retail for less than a traditional smartphone.

The company hopes to take people away from their app usage and put them back into the conversation. Upgrading the phone is also possible as the company plans for years of usage due to the ability to replace the phone’s innards with ease.


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  1. Frodo44444 on

    I think the design is great! Wearing it on a chain reduces possible damage from walking and other physical activities, while making the device easy to access once a hand is free. I’m going to buy one. I like pocket watches.