Men are ejaculating onto their iPhones – but it’s not what you think


A Japanese scientist has created a device that can turn any smartphone into a mobile sexual health clinic.

The device, which is attached to the camera lens on your smartphone is capable of filming a sperm sample that is dripped onto it.

Footage of the sample is then measured in a lab and can be used to help diagnose sexual diseases or measure sperm count.

According to its creator Dr Yoshitomo Kobori from the University of Illinois in Chicago, the remarkable invention costs just $7 and creates “a semen test at home”.

Dr Yoshitomo Kobori

Dr Kobori said he got the idea for the lens because he believes men are generally anxious or embarrassed about visiting a sexual health clinic but that most men have a smartphone and would have no problem in producing a sperm sample in the comfort of their own home.

“Men are thinking that semen analyses are an embarrassment, inconvenience, disgrace and waste of time,” he said. “We need a semen test at home.”

Dr Kobori added that the invention was actually first produced almost a decade ago but has been slightly redesigned so it could work with smartphones.

Dr Kobori said he hoped the device can be used in his native Japan where he said “fertility is a very big problem” and where the national birthrate has declined to a record low.


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