Microdia to launch a 512 GB microSD card this summer


Flash storage devices just keep getting larger and larger in terms of capacity, and now we hear that a California-based company called Microdia plans to introduce a 512 GB (!!) microSD card in the summer.

Microdia launches largest SD card yet

This is the largest capacity memory card that we’ve yet seen, and even though the company didn’t have a working model on show at the Taipei Computex show this week, they had the packaging that calls the card “Xtra Elite”. The card is in the microSDXC format.

Of course, the new card is going to be very expensive. While standard SD cards with the same capacity are usually around $500, this is will cost around $1,000 when it launches in July. For comparison, a 64 GB microSD card typically costs just $20.

Today, lots of our data is stored for free in the cloud, such as Google’s new Photos service, and for many people, 512 GB might seem a bit excessive for a memory card. But for people such as professional photographers that need a fast card with as much space as possible, it might make sense.

In fact, the average app size on Android is around 6 MB, so if you put one of these in your phone, you’ll be able to store more than 85,000 apps before you run out of space! Let’s hope that the launch timescale that Microdia claims is realistic. It seems like a stretch considering that SanDisk, a more well known name, only just announced a 200 GB microSD card in March…

SOURCE: 9to5Google.


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