Microsoft announces new Office apps for Windows Phone


Here’s some good news for Windows Phone users.

Microsoft has announced that it is to bring Word, Excel and Powerpoint to Windows Phone.

Users who are running the preview version of Windows 10 can download the test versions of the apps, which Microsoft is calling ‘Office Universal’ apps, right away, before full versions of the apps are available to download at the end of this month.

The new Office Universal apps are touch optimised and will allow users to create and edit documents on their smartphones and more easily transfer them between multiple devices.

Back in February, Microsoft rolled out the universal Office apps to all tablets running the preview version of Windows 10 and made the preview of Office 2016 available to desktop users in March.

At the end of 2014, Microsoft also made its mobile Office suite available on iOS and for Android tablets, in what was very much a change from tradition with regards to the company releasing new software.

The move also showed that Microsoft recognises the importance of becoming relevant on mobile, which is of course dominated by Android and iOS, rather than its own Windows phones and tablets, which currently have around a 3 percent market share.

Office on Windows 10 Preview

In his blog post, Microsoft exec Jared Spataro wrote:

Our Office Universal apps are designed for on-the-go productivity. They’re touch-first, built for tablets and phones, and optimized for viewing, quick edits, notes and mark-up. On a tablet, the Universal apps are fast, fluid, and streamlined for an immersive, hands-on experience. They’re fantastic for reading and perfect for touch- and pen-based content creation. On a phone, the Universal apps adapt to the smaller form factor. Commands and controls are moved to the bottom of the screen so you can triage your work and make edits one-handed with your thumb. (That may sound like a small thing—but wait until you try it. It makes all the difference!)

In March, Microsoft announced that it will launch Windows 10 in 190 countries this summer and will make the latest version of its OS available to users as a free upgrade.

Source: Microsoft


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