Is Microsoft about to buy smartphone maker BlackBerry?


Fresh rumours claim that Microsoft is considering buying out the beleaguered Canadian smartphone company BlackBerry, to increase its penetration in the mobile enterprise space and also obtain BlackBerry’s huge treasure chest of patents. The US-based software giant has already bought one failed mobile phone company, so why not buy another?

Microsoft buyout of BlackBerry ‘under consideration’

Various Chinese tech companies such as HuaweiLenovo, and Xiaomi are all interested too, in their case to increase their brand exposure in the US and Europe.

Nobody has yet made a concrete move towards the acquisition, and of course it’s not the first time that the rumour mill claims Microsoft has considered buying BlackBerry.

The Canadian company has not fared well over the past decade, going from one of the foremost smartphone makers to a bit-player that is still struggling to reverse its fortunes. Of course, it still has a considerable following in governments and corporations due to its focus on security, and President Obama also uses a BlackBerry as his personal phone.

The firm sold just 1.6 million phones in its fourth financial quarter, which pales into insignificance compared with Apple and Samsung. Apple sold almost 75 million iPhones during the same period, for example. But today, software and services make up the lion’s share of BlackBerry’s revenues, and it has in fact seen something of a minor turnaround by going down that route.

SOURCE: AppleInsider.


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