Microsoft has completely redesigned Skype – but people hate it


Microsoft this week revealed it had redesigned Skype, but users are not happy with the app’s new look.

The redesigned Skype app appears to take inspiration from other social media platforms, most notably Snapchat, and brings with it a colourful and bright new interface.

It also includes a number of Snapchat like features, with Skype’s new Highlight feature looking very similar to the Stories feature found on Snapchat.

The new Highlights feature lets users post short video clips and photos which their friends can react too – sound familiar?

However, since the redesign there has been an onslaught of negative reviews from disgruntled users.

On the App Store, Apple fans have given the update a rating of just 1.3 out of a possible 5, blasting the redesign for being “the worse update yet”.

On the Google Play Store, Android users, have flood the site with negative reviews.

One user wrote: “The new update is horrible, needs a serious reality check”.

“Just when Skype was starting to feel more reliable as a messaging service they have to go and make a major change, wrote another.

Another user hit out at Microsoft for creating what they described as a ‘Snapchat clone’:

“This new app is absolutely terrible. Skype is mostly used by people for professional use or for connecting with friends far away. This looks as far from simple and professional as it can be. Skype does NOT need to be Snapchat. This update will make people search for alternative apps”.

“New update looks like it was done by a four year old with crayon”, read another scathing review.

“Have been a loyal Skype user from the start. It was functional, intuitive, straight to the point and an obvious choice for social and business use. We now have an ugly snapchat clone that is none of these things. Please give us the Skype back we know and love”, another user wrote.

With the redesign, Microsoft is trying to make the Skype app more appealing to younger users.
However, the new redesign risks alienating many of the app’s existing users, who now have a choice of plenty of other apps that offer video calling.

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Line can all be used for video calls.


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