Microsoft confirms next major update to Windows 10


Microsoft has officially announced their Windows 10 Spring Creators Update and you do not have long to wait as the company has given April as the launch date.

Microsoft has yet to reveal an official name for the update and is currently going under the codename ‘Redstone 4’ inside the Redmond-based technology company.

However, some reports have suggested the upgrade will be simply named the Spring Creators Update upon launch.

The confirmation of the update and the release date was revealed in a new blog post which also gave an overview of what to expect for the future of Windows 10.

It was reported that Microsoft has confirmed they will support their Windows 10 operating system until October 2019.

The update will be finalized next week with the end consumer receiving it a few weeks later.

This new update [promises many new features including, HDR support, improved DPI support and the long-delayed Timeline feature.

Spring Creators Update will also debut Fluent Design, a new user interface design. Fluent design promises to more modern and fluid by using semi-transparency to add layers to the interface.

The official browser, Microsoft Edge is reported to gain from more design improvements, touchpad gestures and improved support for eBooks.


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