Microsoft considers Android app support on Windows Phone devices


On Wednesday, Microsoft will reveal full details of the new Windows 10 operating system, which is said to offer a much improved user experience and plug the gap between desktop and mobile devices.

Whilst the launch will mainly focus on the desktop features of Windows 10,  it is being rumoured that Microsoft will also announce Android app support on Windows Phone devices.

Windows accounts for less than 3 per cent of the smartphone market and by offering support for Android apps will hope to win back a share of the market and reduce the gap between itself and Android/iOS.

Currently Microsoft has approximately 527,000 apps for Windows devices, compared to 1.3 million in the Google Play store and around the same amount in Apple app store.

For example, the hugely popular taxi app Uber only became available on Windows phone in mid-2014. Snapchat, which has recently been valued at $10 billion and is one of the most popular messaging apps among young people in the US, UK, Australia and Canada still isn’t available to Windows Phone users.

This is of course the problem with Windows Phones, that the choice is just so limited.

Should Microsoft decide to go down the route of offering Android support, the benefit would be that users would no longer need to ditch their Windows device in order to use all of their favourite apps.

Furthermore, by offering Android support, Microsoft would almost instantly see a flood of new applications become available to its mobile eco-system.

The fact that the move to offer Android app support on Windows phones is set to be announced at the launch of Windows 10 is also significant as Microsoft’s new operating system is said to see the company take its first steps towards offering an improved single operating system that unites mobile and desktop.

It is also rumoured that the start menu button will make a return to Windows 10 – hoorah!



  1. James Baker on

    The dilemma is that Android won’t work in a Windows enterprise environment, so a Windows smartphone is almost needed. Whatever the person was doing away from work can be joined to Server and Active Directory and sync.

    As long as Microsoft Server dominates the enterprise market, many people have little choice.

    This will be good news for most users.

    BTW, start menu or no, I still hate the Windows 8 interface for a laptop or desktop and run that little proggy that “makes it look like Windows 7.” I don’t know why MS feels the need to integrate desktop and mobile. My Android phone and Windows desktop aren’t and they work together just fine.

  2. Giles Peach on

    This is good news. The Microsoft (Nokia) phones are of exemplary quality. Unmatched cameras too. Having these + Android applications would be a huge win.

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  4. Sameera Kasun on

    Used 7.8, 8,8.1 only problem I had to face was the app gap. Today I use my s6 edge and it’s not that exciting at all. Lags alot. Have to use an app to refresh the ram which is the o called world’s latest and the best. Have to use apps in order to keep the smoothness of the phone. Also there’s no virus issues in windows phone store no need to scan files and apps but in android you have to, too much work. Windows doesn’t lag as in android. It’s Camera is superb compared to other devices. Good job if android apps are coming to windows. Good opportunity.