Microsoft’s Cortana will arrive on iOS and Android this year


According to Reuters, Microsoft’s Cortana will be available for iOS and Android devices this year. Microsoft has said it’s working on a standalone app for both mobile platforms.

Microsoft’s Cortana assistant coming to Android and iOS

Cortana will also transition from a mobile-only feature to a desktop app, with the release of Windows 10, before it moves onto competing mobile platforms. Microsoft already gave hints of their plans last year, though the most recent reports say that Cortana may come integrated into a cross-platform of Office instead.

Cortana on Mobile

There is a huge question mark over how well Cortana will work on competing operating systems. The app won’t have the same access to the operating system that Siri has on iOS, or Google Now has on Android. However, Microsoft could easily draw information from its own set of apps, like Outlook for email or Sunrise, a calendar app that the company bought last month.

Reuters also says that Microsoft is developing a brand new version of Cortana codenamed Einstein, but there are as yet few details in terms of how the company plans to improve the service. We may well learn more at the Build Developer Conference, which starts on April 29.

SOURCE: Reuters


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