Microsoft ditches Windows 10 S operating system after less than a year


Software giant Microsoft is about to ditch Windows 10 S, advertised as a more streamlined operating system it has only been in service a short while.

Microsoft will now discontinue the standalone version while it rebrands and continues to develop the software to reach a level comparable to their fiercest rival, Google Chrome.

Windows 10 S was only launched back in May 2017 and was touted as a cheaper, safer with better performance OS, albeit with restrictions as it was only possible to run programs from their own Microsoft store.

Initially built to compete with the safer but more limited Google Chrome, Windows 10 S received an unfavourable reception upon its launch with many users complaining the constraints made it a very limited version of Windows.

Although the operating system is about be removed, Microsoft will instead launch an ‘S Mode’ version of their current systems, Home, Pro and Enterprise. A limited release of Windows 10 S was installed on their own Microsoft Surface and budget laptop last year.

Anyone buying a new PC can expect it come with an S Mode installed, with users having to upgrade to enjoy the full Windows 10 experience for a majority of models the upgrade will be free, however a charge of $49 for Windows 10 PRO.

According to>, internal analysis from Microsoft showed that 40% of users had abandoned 10 S and upgraded. With the idea of offering the S Mode throughout all their operating systems, Microsoft hopes users will remain with the streamlined version and not upgrade, however, the mode will limit access to non-Microsoft apps i.e. Chrome and Firefox search engines.

Further in the year, Microsoft plans to release two new updates for Windows 10, pencilled in for Spring and Autumn the new updates go by the name of Redstone 4 and Redstone 5. The last major update was in October last year with the ‘Fall Creators’ update.


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