You can finally try Microsoft’s new Edge browser


The Windows 10 release date is coming up fast – July 29th to be precise. But Microsoft is still adding lots of features to its latest Windows 10 builds. Today’s developer preview build 10157 adds several new features as the operating system is nearing its final release date worldwide.

Windows 10’s Edge browser

The new browser will completely replace the ageing Internet Explorer, and has been until recently known as Project Spartan. However, in the latest version of Windows 10, which is only available to developers or those people who have signed up to the Insider program, there are some major updates to the new browser:

  • You can add a Home button to the browser
  • Bookmark importing from other browsers is supported
  • There’s a new dark theme
  • You can open the browser with a Start page, the New Tab page, previous pages or a specific set of pages
  • New Tab pages can include either top sites or suggested content
  • There is an included password manager built in
  • Tabs can be dragged and dropped to new windows

It’s important to realise that if you are on the early build, Edge replaces spartan, so you have to back up your favourites if you want to save them. For everyone else, this shouldn’t matter as Windows 10 will remember all your current Internet Explorer settings (if that is the browser you actually use, of course).

Windows 10 Edge

With every new version of Windows 10, Microsoft has been steadily improving the user interface and fixing glitches, as well as adding better support for legacy apps in Tablet mode. If you swipe up from the left of the Start menu, you can see all of your installed apps, for instance.

You can also send emails directly via Cortana by speaking the email address, subject and the message. And you can even correct the text by voice only.

Other updates include GIF image support for the Photos app, a timer on the Snip tool, as well as fixes to battery life for the Surface Pro 3.

There’s only a month or so to go, will you upgrade to Windows 10 and the Edge browser?

SOURCE: TheNextWeb.


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  1. Hi Larry, thanks for the info . I got some days back Windows 10 working build10130, on my virtual machine in windows7.
    it is a lot of new stuff, and have a lot to get used to, but that is normal for a new OS , if you skip a version, I guess.
    will try to get this new review-version.

    Ultimately(after I read good reports and maybe wait till SP1 ) , YES, I will upgrade to Windows 10, mainly because it is a newer OS; (sofar I have seen and tried it, it is working) and because it is free. Whether I will use Edge ? I first have to get it and try it out and only if it scores better than my favourite browser (not IE! ) , I might swoop.