Microsoft expected to unveil new Surface all in one PC on October 26


There has been speculation for some time that Microsoft are due to launch some new products and it appears that this may now just be a few weeks away.

The invitations have already been sent out for the media event in New York on October 26.

The event is expected to be Microsoft’s biggest of the year and is believed to include a new Surface all in one PC that is set to rival Apple’s iMac.

Tech site ZDnet previously reported the device is codenamed ‘Surface Cardinal’ and will be available in 21, 24 and 27 inch display sizes.

Surface Pro 4 Grey

Surface Pro 4

The eagerly awaited new Surface laptop is also expected to be launched after the original’s launch in October 2015.

The new devices are expected to feature the latest major software upgrade, the Microsoft Redstone 2 product which they began beta testing earlier this month.

There are said to be a number of benefits to using the new software.

This includes Bluetooth connectivity, changes to the start menu as well as a whole host of other improvements that will compliment the growth of Windows 10 worldwide.

Among the new features is the addition of resizable windows to the Windows 10 Continuum service, which will allow users to connect their Windows 10 phone to any monitor, keyboard and mouse to use as a mobile Windows 10 PC.

It is also expected that it will be far easier to setup cross device networking, as a new Proximity Connect feature allows users to connect wirelessly to a dock that will not need to be setup manually.


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