Microsoft forced to remove penis pic from the Bing homepage


Microsoft have been forced to correct an embarrassing blunder that meant an image of a penis drawn in sand was displayed on the homepage of its search engine Bing.

Each day Bing displays a different image on its homepage.

On Thursday if featured an image of the stunning beach on Brač Island in Croatia.

The beach looks spectacular, with its turquoise waters and golden sand, it’s a real dream location.

But an eagle eyed developer spotted something quite rude hiding in the photo.

Andrew Lyle took to Twitter to reveal his discovery.

And sure enough the outline of what appears to be a penis carved into the sand was clearly displayed in the photo.

The image remained online for several hours, which was long enough for it to be noticed by other users who shared it on social media, which was in turn was picked up by numerous other sites.

Microsoft then displayed another version of the image, minus dick pic.

H/T: Motherboard


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