Microsoft has its own version of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which doubles up as a PC


Microsoft has partnered with Samsung to launch its own customised version of the new Galaxy S8 smartphone.

The Microsoft version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will also be released on April 21st and includes the exact same hardware as the original version and is even powered by Android.

However, there are a few notable differences.

When the device is first connected to Wi-Fi it downloads a whole host of Microsoft’s Android apps including Office, Onedrive, Cortana digital assistant, Skype, LinkedIn and the to do list app, Wunderlist.


The Galaxy S8 also lets users connect it to a monitor with its new dock mode and use it as a desktop PC. With the inclusion of the Microsoft version, users will now be able to access the full range of Office apps such as Word and Powerpoint, direct from the S8.

Microsoft has of course tried its hand at the smartphone market, largely unsuccessfully with Windows Phone, but with those devices now accounting for less than 1 percent of the global smartphone market and with no new devices launched in more than a year, the Windows Phone has all but fizzled out.

There are rumours of Microsoft launching a new Surface phone later this year. However, until then the Samsung Galaxy S8 Microsoft edition is now probably the best Android AND Microsoft phone out there.

Microsoft’s decision to partner with Samsung on the S8 could be a smart move.

With declining PC sales, Microsoft is pushing subscriptions to cross platform services such as Office 365, and continues with the Redmond firm’s “Mobile first, Cloud first” strategy.

The sad news is that the Galaxy S8 Microsoft edition will only initially be on sale in the US, with no info yet on if or when the device will be available in Thailand.

Via: ZDNet


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