Microsoft hits major milestone with Windows 10


Windows 10 is now being used on more devices than ever before.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that the latest version of its cross platform operating system is running on more than 400 million devices worldwide, giving it the fastest adoption rate of any version of Windows.

The figures mean that Microsoft is edging closer, but still remains some way short of its ambitious target of having Windows 10 running on a total of one billion devices.

Since its release in July 2015, Windows 10 total user base has grown rapidly and in May, Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 passed the 300 million user mark.

However, in July the company was forced to admit it may take a little longer to reach its target of one billion users by 2018, blaming a lack of demand from smartphone users for Windows 10 phones.

While 400 million active users sounds impressive, some commentators have argued that Windows 10 should have reached more users, especially when it was available as a free upgrade for a year after its release.

Windows 10 Start Menu

An improved Start Menu was rolled out as part of the Windows 10 Anniversary update

It remains to be seen when or even if Microsoft will ever reach its one billion users target.

Since its release, Windows 10 has been generally well received.

However, the launch of Microsoft’s blockbuster operating system, followed by its Anniversary Update haven’t been without its issues, which range from technical issues to criticism over user privacy.

Last week, Microsoft faced calls from a consumer rights body in the UK to compensate some Windows 10 users who claimed the update had broken their computers.

A survey carried out by Which? found that more than half of those who had downloaded the update said it had “adversely affected their PC”.

The survey found that 12 percent of respondents had even rolled back to the previous version due to issues following the upgrade.

Which? said that some people had been forced to pay technicians to repair their machines after upgrading to Windows 10.

On Monday, Microsoft released the Windows 10 Preview Build 14931 that enables users to send SMS from Skype.



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