Microsoft Introduces Skype for Business


Microsoft has previously mentioned Skype for Business, but now the team is offering users the chance to try the business platform. Ahead of the platform’s expected release in April, Microsoft has integrated new features that will allow businesses to interact like never before.

Users will be able to connect with Skype users both inside of an organization and outside.

Many of the current features in the free version are the exact same in the business version. The one main difference that users will notice is that they can access much of their Skype capabilities within Microsoft Office. Instant messaging, video and voice chatting will be able to be initiated right in Microsoft Office.

Geared towards companies and organizations, Skype for Business features enterprise-level security and easy management controls.

The company also introduced Microsoft Office 2016 for enterprises. The IT Pro and Development preview offers faster searching, easier patch deployments for administrators and an improved version of Outlook.

Microsoft has been trying to find a way to make Skype more profitable. Moving into the business sector is a smart move for the company to bring in further customers and revenue. Microsoft states that business users will have the same great features and functionality seen in the consumer version of Skype, but they will also enjoy new features aimed at the business professional.


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