Microsoft is bombarding Chrome users with annoying Windows 10 ads


Windows 10 users are being bombarded with even more ads as Microsoft restarts its offensive against Google Chrome and other third party apps and programs.

Scores of Chrome users have reported seeing persistent ads which try to add more Microsoft services to Google’s popular web browser.

Windows 10 ad

According to pop up ads promoting Microsoft’s own browser extensions have frequently began appearing on their devices.

The adverts for Microsoft’s own Personal Shopping Assistant which can be added as a Google Chrome extension is pinned to the task bar and although it can be easily closed, re-appears multiple times.

The ever increasing amount of ads in Windows 10 has proved controversial and resulted in widespread criticism from users.

Windows 10 notifications. Source: The Verge

Last year the company used similar tactics to try and get people to switch from Google Chrome to its own Edge browser, which Microsoft says offers improved battery consumption and performance.

Microsoft is currently getting ready to roll out the next major update of Windows 10, called the Creators Update.

The update is set to include a host of new features but it could come at a cost for users.

A report from earlier this week claimed the new update will include more ads than any other Microsoft release.

According to the report, the Share tool will feature ads for third party software.

Following the release of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced ads in the lock screen and Start Menu.


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