Microsoft is bombarding Windows 10 users with ads…again


We all know that Microsoft are keen for us to transfer all our files to the cloud but Windows 10 has now gone to a new extreme of having pop-up adverts for OneDrive appearing in your File Explorer.

Microsoft happily lets you know about your complimentary 5GB of cloud storage with with an add that reads: “Get the best deal on your cloud storage with OneDrive.”

OneDrive ad Windows 10

Image: Extreme Tech

You are then given two options, ‘Learn More’ or ‘Not Now’ to dismiss the ad. Annoyingly, the ad appears at the top of your screen, above the documents or folders that you trying to view.

It is possible to ditch the adverts for OneDrive by going to the View menu in File Explorer. Then select Options > Change Folder > Search Options.

Next select View, then untick the box which reads Show Sync Provider Notifications.

Be warned though, by doing this you will disable all notifications meaning you could miss important notices related to OneDrive.

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has used intrusive ads to try to get users to switch to one of its products.

Last year it began bombarding Google Chrome users with an ad for for its Edge browser, claiming it offered improved performance and required less power for your battery.

This latest news comes after it was revealed that the number of users opting for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer as their chosen browsers has fallen by over half with figures dropping from 62% to 27% between March 2015 and February 2017.

Google Chrome appears to be the biggest beneficiary with the number of users doubling in the last two years according to information compiled by analytics vendor Net Applications.

The stats confirm Google Chrome has comfortably supplanted Internet Explorer to become the world’s most-used browser.

Via: Extreme Tech


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