Microsoft is FINALLY killing off the most hated version of Windows


Microsoft has revealed it is about to end support for the much maligned Windows Vista.

In preparation of the roll out of its next bumper update to Windows 10, the Redmond tech giant has confirmed that support for Windows Vista will end on April 11.

This means that if you are still running Vista you have less than one month to upgrade or you risk being unprotected against against the latest security threats.

First released in January 2007, Windows Vista received widespread negative feedback from users and is considered one of Microsoft’s worst products.

The successor to Windows XP, which at the time was the most popular version of Windows, users instantly disliked Vista, after Microsoft added bloatware causing many devices to slow down and fiddled around with some favourite processes and settings.

Despite being generally unpopular and more than 10 years old, data recently released from Netmarketshare revealed that 0.78 per cent of all devices still run Windows Vista currently.

After April 11 Vista will no longer be updated meaning it will not receive any security updates for Microsoft’s Security Essentials and antivirus apps.

The news comes after Mozilla recently said that future versions of its web browser will no longer work on Windows Vista, while Google has also announced that newer versions of Windows will be required to run Google Chrome.

Microsoft is of course but the finishing touches to the next major update of Windows 10.

The Windows 10 Creators Update is tipped to be released on April 11, before another all new version codenamed Redstone 3, will be released towards the end of the year.


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