Microsoft is going to start pestering you to install Windows 10 updates – but it’s for a good reason


Microsoft has announced it will start prompting users to install the latest Windows 10 updates.

The move to push users to ensure they are running the latest version of the cross device operating system is an effort to help reduce the spread of malware and other cyber threats.

The Redmond tech giant confirmed that it will start showing the prompts to users running Windows 10 build 1507 – the original version of Windows 10.

Users will receive a notification warning them the software is considered at “end of service” and will no longer receive important security updates.

Microsoft will instead push users to install the Windows 10 Creators Update, the latest version of the popular operating system.

Users will simply need to tap or click on a button displayed in the prompt that will fast track them to download the Creators Update.

Users can dismiss the prompt if they do not wish to update.

Windows 10 update prompt

Image: Microsoft

However, they can’t avoid updating forever, with users only able to postpone the update process up to five times before it then asks users to review privacy settings.

Microsoft says installing the update will: “only take a few moments for what we believe provides you with the best balance between privacy, security, and control”.

“The most secure Windows device today is an updated one: running both the most recent feature update – the Windows 10 Creators Update – and the most recent monthly quality update,” John Cable, Microsoft Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery announced in a blog post.

“By staying up to date on both the latest feature and quality updates, you’re assured of being on the most secure version of Windows 10.”

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has pushed users to installing updates for Windows 10, something which the firm has been criticised for in the past.

However, in the wake of a series of devastating global cyber attacks, which preyed on users who were running outdated versions of Windows, Microsoft has good reason to push users to install updates this time round.


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