Microsoft is killing off the password – here’s what you need to know


Microsoft’s Authenticator app now allows users to log into their accounts without a password.

Instead, users just need their Android, iOS or Windows phone and all that is required is that the user has installed the latest version of the app.

The app needs to be configured to your Microsoft account and then the user selects the option that reads “phone sign-in” when attempting to log into your account.

Once you have selected the phone sign in option from the app, the next time you login to your Microsoft account from a your computer, you only need to input your username and you will then receive a notification to your phone confirming the sign in. Simply approve the login and you can access your account.

Microsoft Authenticator

Security will not be compromised and it should be considerably quicker to sign in. The system is similar to Google’s Sign In prompts that uses a mobile app to confirm your identity.

“This process is easier than standard two-step verification and significantly more secure than only a password, which can be forgotten, phished, or compromised. Using your phone to sign in with PIN or fingerprint is a seamless way to incorporate two account ‘proofs’ in a way that feels natural and familiar,” Microsoft explained in a blog post.

You can still sign-in with a password or a two-factor authentication process if you don’t want to use the feature or it isn’t available on your phone.

The feature is not yet available on Windows phones and Microsoft claim that the reason is that “it first wants to get this feature right on Android and iOS and only then bring it on its own mobile platform.”

Microsoft Authenticator can be downloaded for Android and iOS from their respective App Stores and is free of charge, it just requires a Microsoft account.


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