Microsoft issues critical patch to fix security flaws in Edge, Office and Skype


Microsoft has announced measures to crush some potentially dangerous bugs in several of their products.

The tech giant has released patches to address security concerns connected to the Edge browser and Internet Explorer, it said in its monthly security bulletin.

It isn’t just the browsers that have needed attention with other Office products including Skype requiring patches to cover some potentially serious vulnerabilities.

It was however the browsers that received the largest number of critical updates that were concerned with bugs that could be exploited by cyber criminals.

One such fix is a patch that prevents hackers from being able to gain root access a device if the user open a malicious document – something that has become increasingly popular form of cybercrime.

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Other patches relate to the way in which Windows, Office and Skype handle some fonts which again Microsoft say could be exposed by criminals by getting the victim to view files with a specially crafted font.

Windows 10 users have been issued with a fix for a problem the browser has when viewing PDF files.

All this comes at a time when Microsoft is pushing forward with the first major upgrade of Windows 10.

The upgrade will bring a range of improvements including a redesigned Start Menu, handwriting recognition software and improved capabilities for Cortana.


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