Microsoft issues patch for latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update glitch


Microsoft has rolled out a patch to fix the latest problem with the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

The latest update to Windows 10, Build 14393.222, started being push out to devices last week but almost instantly started causing problems for users.

Reports spread across social media and on Microsoft’s own support forum from frustrated users who were left unable to install the new update but also unable to roll back to the previous build, leaving them in annoying loop as Microsoft’s operating system endlessly went back and forth trying and subsequently failing to install the update.

One user posting on the Microsoft Support forum wrote: I have three machines, and this update has failed on each of them multiple times. It goes so far, then says “we cannot install update” and reverses itself. Am good at following directions, however cannot find any definitive advice on this one. Now what???

While another said:

I’m also having an issue with this Update. I’m on build 14393.187. This update fails during install for me and pops an 0x800736cc error.

Some users reported that after attempting the update multiple times, it finally installed on the 10th attempt, while others were left unable to update altogether.

On Friday, Microsoft confirmed it has released a patch which will fix the installation issues relating to Build 14393.222.

Speaking to ZDNet, a spokesperson for Microsoft said:

“We became aware of an issue with the recent Windows 10 cumulative update that impacted a small number of customers in the Windows Insider Program that were running a previous build of the OS. We have created a solution to resolve this issue, which is now live and can be accessed here.”

Also on Friday, Microsoft released another Windows 10 update which should help to fix battery life issues across its Surface lineup including the Surface Book, Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4.


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