Microsoft just re-added one of the most annoying features to Windows 10


It appears that Microsoft has re-introduced one of the most annoying features to Windows 10.

Scores of users have already taken to social media after spotting a several pop ups that promote its Edge web browser and other Microsoft apps.

One of the pop ups repeats Microsoft’s claims that Edge offers improved battery performance compared to Google Chrome.

“Chrome is draining your battery faster,” reads the notification. “Switch to Microsoft Edge for up to 36 percent more browsing time”.

The annoying pop ups were first used by Microsoft back in July but have now started to appear again.


They are part of Microsoft’s attempt to lure users from the likes of Chrome and Firefox to its Edge browser, which was officially launched as part of the rollout of Windows 10.

Another pop urges people to sign up to Microsoft Rewards program.

The use of the pop ups, which first appeared in July, have been criticised by users who slammed Microsoft for its aggressive tactics.

Last year, users aimed similar criticism at the tech giant after some said they felt duped into upgrading to Windows 10.

Users said that Microsoft’s ‘Get Windows 10’ pop up was not only intrusive but downright deceitful after the company replaced the ‘X’ button, normally used to cancel a command or close a window, with an option to upgrade.

It meant that when users tried to close the ‘Get Windows 10’ pop up, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system began downloading onto their device, regardless of whether they wanted it or not.

The news comes just days after new data found that hundreds of millions of users have ditched Internet Explorer and Edge in favour of rival web browsers.

Last month, it was revealed that while Windows 10 has been installed on more than 400 million devices globally, the amount of new users has been almost non existent since Microsoft ended its free upgrade offer earlier this year.

Source: PC World


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