Microsoft launches new tool that stops you being distracted by social media


Microsoft has recently announced they will be rolling out a new update for their Windows 10 operating system, and it’s free!

The release is due to today Monday 30th March and promises a new feature that keeps users in a distraction-free zone.

The new feature named “Focus Assist” enables users to temporarily turn off social media and email notifications allowing them to concentrate and keep their heads down so to speak.

The feature can be configured though to allow notifications for messages from certain people.

Microsoft said the feature was a result of thorough research that showed office workers are being interrupted or having to switch tasks about every three minutes with an average of 23 minutes until the worker can regain focus.

The new update includes a “Timeline” feature aimed at saving time by more easily retrieving documents or unfinished work from the previous 30 days.

Microsoft Windows Marketing General Manager, Aaron Woodman said, “Almost every application and web service is vying for your attention, increasingly, people are going to prefer environments where they can control and manage their distractions.”

Google Android devices and Apple’s iPhones both feature a “Do Not Disturb” mode for silencing notifications.

Gmail which is regarded as Microsoft’s biggest email rival started releasing a new redesign last week that includes a time-saving feature.

The world’s most popular mail client has already been using artificial intelligence to help respond to emails with quick answers such as “Will do, thanks!” or “Sorry, I won’t be able to attend.”

Facebook will be adding a similar feature called “Sleep Mode” to their kid’s messenger service giving parents the ability to limit when their children can use it.


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