The new Microsoft Modern Keyboard could make passwords a thing of the past


The new Microsoft Modern Keyboard means you will never have to type a password again.

Microsoft’s new keyboard includes a fingerprint scanner located between the Ctrl and Alt buttons.

The addition of the fingerprint scanner could make logging into your PC, websites or even making online payments much more secure, not to mention a whole lot easier.

Once configured, users just need to tap on the fingerprint scanner to unlock their device or login into a website.

Microsoft says the keyboard can be used with devices running Windows 10, macOS and Android and can be connected via Bluetooth 4.0 or USB.

Microsoft Modern Keyboard

It has a range of around 15 metres or seven metres in a typical office. It also take a rechargeable battery.

The Modern Keyboard will retail for $129.99 but Microsoft is yet to say when it will be available to buy.

“Our vision was to blend the Fingerprint reader into a keyboard, so it would appear to be any other key, Microsoft said.

“We iterated relentlessly to improve each layer, making sure they came together to create a flawless typing experience that felt like any other key.

“Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID’s aluminium frame makes it not only of the highest quality, but heavy and virtually indestructible.

“It’s low profile, sleek design makes it an understated but elegant workhorse.”

Unveiled alongside the new keyboard was the Microsoft Modern Mouse, which will retail for $40.


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