Microsoft shows off new maps app for Windows 10 phones


Windows 10 has some great new features, and one of those is support for so-called “universal apps” that run on desktops and mobile devices.

This includes Microsoft’s Maps app for Windows 10, and we’ve just had a glimpse of what it will be like on mobile devices.

Windows 10 maps blends best of Bing and HERE maps

As expected, the app includes the usual street and satellite views, local search data and also voice-guided navigation, but it also brings aspects of Bing Maps and Nokia’s HERE maps.

Windows 10 Maps

The new Windows 10 maps app allows you to search for businesses and view details such as location and contact information, plus images and reviews from Yelp. You can also make a restaurant reservation in the app itself. When you go on a trip, Maps will suggest nearby shops and places to eat, plus local attractions and activities.

Windows 10 Maps - 3D Cities

Meanwhile the navigation interface adopts some features from HERE maps, such as speed limits and day and night modes. There’s another useful feature too – you can download local copies of particular regions so that you can navigate without using any mobile data or when you don’t have a signal.

Windows 10 Maps - Streetside View

Thankfully, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about the people using Windows 10 on the desktop, as maps is already available for them but today’s update adds 3D city modes, and Bing’s Streetside feature, which is basically the Windows 10 equivalent of Google’s Street View.

SOURCE: Windows blog


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  1. James Baker on

    FWIW that is a street view of Pike Street Market on the waterfront in Seattle. It’s big and a great place to shop for a lot of things including fresh seafood. No need to have lunch before going because there’s lots to buy and eat while looking around.

    This place is big, old, and has character. I always get a container of fresh cracked Dungeness Crab with cocktail sauce and eat at least that. You can walk to it from a ferry or drive to it.