Microsoft launches Office 2016 for Mac Preview (for free)


Microsoft has just announced a preview of the next version of its popular Office software for Mac users, Office 2016. It’s the first major Mac release for four years when it released Office 11, and brings totally revamped versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook, as well as attractive Retina-optimised user interfaces, lots of new features, and integration with cloud services to keep everything in sync across multiple devices.

Free Office 2016 apps for Mac

Office 2016 for Mac is completely free for all Mac users who are running OS X Yosemite in the preview period. It’s Microsoft’s new strategy to make Office available everywhere, on every device, regardless whether they have a PC, Mac, Apple device or Windows Phone device. It’s also been designed to work with Office 365 and OneDrive – this means users will get a better experience when signed into Office 365 as it allows them to view all their documents from the cloud service. Note however, that an Office 365 subscription is not required to use the software.

Microsoft Office 2016 - Word

Office for Mac – Word.

Office 2016 for the Mac has included many features that were previously in the Windows version of Office and the mobile Office apps that were released last year. There’s a new ‘Ribbon’ interface that organises all the various tools and formatting options, new themes and styles, and a proper Yosemite-style look that offers features such as full-screen support, just like other Mac apps.

Microsoft Office 2016 - Powerpoint

Office for Mac – PowerPoint.

The new Office 365 apps provide full Retina display support with very high quality retina-optimised graphics, and all the little Mac features we’re used to, such as scroll bounce.

Microsoft believes that cloud support is an important feature that people now expect in their software, so that’s become quite a focus for the company – and with cloud support, Office 2016 allows mac users access files from any device, keep them all up to date, and collaborate with other users.

Microsoft Office 2016 - Excel

Office for Mac – Excel.

Microsoft’s Office 2016 for Mac preview is available today at no cost for all Mac users. It is officially supported on machines that run OS X Yosemite. Microsoft has plans to launch the software in the summer following the beta testing period.

If you use a Mac, we can highly recommend downloading the preview for free, to see what all the fuss is about.


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