Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint Android apps are now available


Almost everyone uses Microsoft products at some time or another, even if some are a little reluctant to do so. As far as productivity goes, the company’s Office suite is still one of the world’s most popular set of tools to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Now, Microsoft has just released new versions of its Office software for Android smartphones. The release today includes three of the main Office components – Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Best of all, for light users they’re totally free. But if you want to unlock all the features, you will need a subscription to Office 365.

Microsoft Office apps now on Android

As you’d expect, each of the Office apps has been designed to work on smartphones with limited screen real estate. For example, you’ll find the normal Word and PowerPoint options but the controls have been tailored somewhat for one-handed use.

Last year in November, Microsoft said it would change its charging strategy for iOS and Android mobile apps. An Android tablet app has been available since early 2015. Microsoft also released iOS (iPhone and iPad) versions of its software last year, and they have proved immensely popular, frequently riding high in the iOS charts.

Now that there are Android versions, even more people will be able to edit and create office documents on the go. It’s good to see Microsoft developing for other platforms other than Windows Phone. Though it didn’t really have much choice, considering that there are huge numbers of iOS and Android users, and not that many with Windows Phone…

Microsoft Office Android

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  1. so whats missing as I dont want to install this if it causes problems or limits what I can do on an android device

  2. Peter Ineichen on

    I’m happy with Google Documents and have no use for Microsoft Office for Android.