Microsoft Releases Office Remote for Android, an app to control presentations


Microsoft just released Office Remote for Android, an app whose name pretty much describes exactly what it does. Office Remote turns your smartphone into a command centre for Powerpoint and Excel, amongst other apps. In other words, a kind of ‘clicker’ that just so happens to be loaded with a host of other features.

Office Remote for Android

Anything that you do in the Android app results in a corresponding response on your desktop Microsoft Office program that is connected via Bluetooth, but currently, only Office 2013 and 2016 Preview on Windows are supported. There may eventually be Mac support too, with the release of Office 2016 on that system. You will have to download an extension for the desktop version, but it walks you through it very clearly.

Besides the ability to advance slides in a Powerpoint presentation, Office Remote also allows you to use your finger as a virtual laser pointer on the PC. You can also control Excel tables, and jump to headings and other sections in Word, or read the speaker notes in Powerpoint slides.

Microsoft seems open to supporting other platforms besides their own, as the recent spate in Office-related Android releases demonstrates. Office Remote is perhaps one of the best yet of its kind, for its useful functionality that isn’t replicated by anything else.

If you want to download Microsoft’s Office Remote for Android, you can find it on the Google Play store here.


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