Microsoft Pix: The best thing Microsoft has created in years is only available on iOS


iPhone users could be in for a bonus thanks to the release of a new app that will massively improve your smartphone photos.

The app which is known as Microsoft Pix is available in the App Store and uses artificial intelligence (AI) tools to automatically improve photos in a variety of ways.

This includes the ability to capture frames before a button is even pressed meaning that you won’t miss any potentially key moments.

The app will also automatically adjust settings and after-shot enhancements even when the lighting is not conducive to taking good quality pictures.

A key feature is that you will be able to compare the before and after of any images to ensure that everyone looks their best in all of your shots.

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The app is also capable of choosing the best picture from a “burst of images” allowing you to pick the best photo based on exposure and sharpness.

It will also have the capacity to recognise when people have their eyes open, are looking at the camera and fully appreciate the details in people’s faces, hair and clothing.

Microsoft Pix will also have the ability to create a video from a selection of still images.

The new Live Images detects when there are potentially key moments in a shot and stitch together an array of images and auto-enhance them which will gives users a more detailed alternative to Apple’s Live Photo.

The launch comes just as Apple is rolling out iOS 10. This update will also bring facial recognition to your iPhone and iPad so you can search your collection for specific people.


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