Microsoft plans to turn your PC into a smart ‘home hub’ to take on Amazon Echo and Google Home


Microsoft are working hard to develop software that can turn your Windows PC, tablet or laptop into a ‘home hub’.

The move would be seen as going into direct competition with Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home Smart speaker which allow users to control lights, turn on the air conditioning and even ask questions for the hub to answer.

The Verge has obtained details of how Microsoft hopes the Home Hub will work.

“The major addition is a new welcome screen that includes an ‘always on’ digital corkboard to let families use to-do lists, calendars, and notes,” The Verge said.

“Microsoft appears to be readying Windows 10 for future devices that are similar to Amazon’s new Echo Show hardware, with easy access to voice search, calling, and smart device control.” 

Windows Central have gone further in offering an explanation of what users can expect.

“Home Hub isn’t a dedicated device that’s designed to take on the likes of the Amazon Echo and Google Home, as in the end, Home Hub is just the software,” it said.

However, the software will be able to do everything the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices can – and more. 

“Home Hub is designed to run on Windows 10 PCs, mainly All-In-Ones and 2-in-1’s with touch screens, but can work on any Windows 10 machine,” it is claimed.

The new system will allow users access to Microsoft’s Cortana AI assistant which can prove very useful but one handy addition is that it allows families to create share accounts.

“There will also be a ‘family account’ that is always logged in,” Windows Central says.

This account will show everything that the family is supposed to see such as the calendar, appointments and specific apps.

It is unclear at this stage how advanced Microsoft are with the development of the Home Hub.


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