Microsoft readies fix for Office bug that is annoying users


Microsoft Office has a frustrating bug that flashes up in a pop-up window after a recent update of the software.

The bug creates a background task that opens a pop up window briefly but annoyingly on the hour, every hour.

The window does disappear of its own accord although just the simple flash of its appearance is slightly annoying.

Most of those who have commented on social media have said that they have been playing games or using other full-screen apps at the time and the user has then been sent back to their desktop.

Microsoft have been embarrassed by this bug as it obviously shouldn’t be making its ways to full release software so it is probably for this reason that the company has already sent a patch to cure the problem which is now available to Office Insiders on the slow ring.

A Microsoft representative responded to a tweet from the MalwareTech blog stating that: “This issue is fixed starting with build 16.0.8201.2025 which is now available as the latest update for those participating in the Office Insiders Slow program. It will be included in a future update for those not participating in Insiders.”

The new fix should be available to the general public soon although some users will need to be patient just that little bit longer.

At least it isn’t a critical bug – just something that can be frustrating.

Via: Endagadet


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