Microsoft Releases Office Lens App for iOS and Android


Microsoft released their new app called “Office Lens” today. The app works as a mobile document scanner that integrates directly into Microsoft Office’s OneNote application. Available on both the iOS and Android platform, the app allows users to take photos of documents, menus, business cards and more.

The app has been available on Windows Phone, but, moving along with Microsoft’s new agenda to embrace other platforms, the app is now compatible with the much more popular Android and iOS platforms.

Using optical character recognition, the app will be able to identify text in images and even provide search capabilities in OneNote.

Users will also be able to convert their scans from image to paper files using Microsoft Office. This means if a user scans a block of text to later analyze, they’ll be able to edit the text using Office.

Business cards will be handled a little differently. Using a special scan function, business cards will be scanned and imported right into your contact list. This is done through OneNote and a VCF file that allows contacts to be added.

Documents can also be scanned directly into Microsoft’s OneDrive for safe and easy storage.

Currently, users will only be able to preview the app on Android through Office Lens’ Google+ community.



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