Microsoft reveals new version of Windows 10 – here’s why that’s good news


Microsoft this week revealed a new version of its Windows 10 operating system called Windows 10 Lean.

The new version was revealed in the latest Insider Build, 17650, which has been released to testers in Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program.

As the name suggests, Windows 10 Lean is a stripped down version of the operating system which could be aimed at laptops, tablets and those with older devices.

A report by Windows Central claims that Windows Lean will initially be designed for devices with 16GB of storage in order to ensure those devices can still be kept up to date with the latest Windows updates.

Windows 10 Lean is believed to be at least 2GB smaller in size than the regular version of Windows 10, having cut some of the larger apps that are normally available.

Windows 10 Lean

Image: @tfwboredom

By default, Windows 10 Lean doesn’t include a wallpaper and rather than installing all apps normally included in Windows 10, place markers are left on screen on so you can decide if you want to download them or not.

This gives you greater control over what is installed onto your device and prevents apps you hardly use from taking up valuable storage space, processing power and battery life.

Despite it currently undergoing testing, there is no word yet when or even if Windows 10 Lean will be officially rolled out.

Microsoft is due to hold its Build 2018 developer conference in May where it will showcase major new features in upcoming Windows 10 updates, as well as revealing more information about the new Lean version of Windows.


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