Microsoft ridicules the iPad Pro in new Surface Pro 4 commercial


Microsoft has released a new commercial for the Surface Pro 4 that takes a dig at the Apple and its iPad Pro.

In a similar way to how Microsoft has taken aim at Google’s Chrome web browser in a recent online video comparing its to the Edge browser on Windows 10, this latest commercial directly compares the features on the Surface Pro 4 with the iPad Pro.

In the video, Microsoft users the voices of both company’s virtual assistants – Cortana and Siri to try and show who is boss.

The Surface is more powerful and arguably more versatile which Microsoft naturally argues makes it the better device. Apple’s device however still remains more popular, although unsurprisingly this isn’t mentioned in the video.

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The format is certainly not new and shows the two devices next to each other, Siri is talking to Cortana.

Siri is putting on a party to celebrate having a keyboard and Cortana is basically the uninvited and unwanted guest.

Siri is very proud of the new proper keyboard that makes the iPad seem so grown up but everyone notices how similar it is to the Surface 4.

In the video Microsoft then goes on to mock the lack of an Intel Processor in the Ipad Pro and its inability to run desktop apps like Office.

The commercial then ends with Microsoft announcing “Surface does more, just like you.”

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