Microsoft’s huge Surface Hub is delayed until 2016


Microsoft‘s huge Surface Hub digital whiteboard won’t be released until 2016. Users were informed of the unexpected delay by Microsoft on Wednesday according to ZDNET. A brief update was also posted to the company’s Surface blog as well. Hub shipments will now begin on January 1.

Surface Hub whiteboard delayed

Pre-orders already started in July, and the Hub was meant to be shipped in September. Microsoft then announced that the enterprise-level device would miss the date due to higher demand than expected. The company has since said it needs to adjust manufacturing to meet orders.

Now that the Surface Hub will ship on New Year’s Day, we’ll have to wait for the 55-inch model which costs around $7,000 and the 84-inch version ($20,000). The device runs a custom version of Windows 10 and comes with a variety of built-in apps optimised for its huge frame and capabilities.

Surface Hub

Some of the most interesting features include the Kinect technology that locates the direction of the strongest voices near the device so that more distant and ambient noise gets blocked out. The Surface Hub is also thought to be made from Corning Gorilla Glass.

The Hub has two cameras on each side, allowing the speaker to move gracefully from one side of the device to the other without leaving the video screen or blocking it.

Surface Hub

All content on the Surface Hub is also automatically beamed on the screen when an HDMI cable is connected, so no more messing around with tabs and folders to find the setting to output images – it just happens automatically.

It’s certainly an impressive device, and it seems that businesses think it will be a useful tool for meetings and video conferences…

SOURCE: TechRadar.


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