Microsoft Surface Pro 4 release date ‘soon’, Surface Pro 3 discounted


Microsoft’s popular and very capable Surface Pro 3 tablet/laptop hybrid has just had another price drop in the USA, which has led many to speculate that the Redmond-based company will shortly announce the Surface Pro 4. According to online sources, the price drop is a strong hint that the Surface Pro 4 is about to launch…

Surface Pro 4 due soon

We have already reported recently that the Surface Pro 4 may launch alongside Windows 10, which is expected sometime next month, so it’s probably not far off. The latest indicators are that in the US at least, a Surface Pro 3 with an Intel Core i5 CPU (or better specced) will now be discounted. A Surface Pro 3 with an i5, 128 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM drops from $999 to $899. Every other model will receive a $150 price drop, until the promotion ends on June 27th.

According to rumours, Microsoft is trying to offload the last of the Surface Pro 3 stock to make room for the new Surface Pro 4. If that’s the case, then it probably means that Microsoft is clear out shelf space in preparation.

Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface Pro 3. The new model is expected imminently.

The launch of Windows 10 is slated to be either July, or as some have claimed, it could be as early as June 29th, and the Surface Pro 4 is a strong candidate to be used to showcase the new operating system.

However, it’s also possible that Microsoft may end up waiting to release the machine in August, as there will be more powerful ‘Skylake’ processors available from Intel at that point. If Microsoft waits for the new processors, the Surface Pro 4 will of course benefit from faster speeds and possible more storage.

Whenever it sees the light of day, the new tablet will certainly be desirable for people who want to combine the best of a tablet and a laptop in a convenient and powerful form factor. We’ll know in about a week whether the Surface Pro 4 will make an appearance soon, rather than later…


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