Microsoft takes ANOTHER dig at Google Chrome with its new Windows 10 notifications


Microsoft has had it in for Google Chrome for some time now.

However, it’s latest move might be the boldest yet at trying to convince users to ditch Google’s popular web browser.

As part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft has started showing users notifications which tells them that Google Chrome is draining their laptop battery and, get this, that they should switch to Microsoft’s Edge browser in order to save up to 36 percent battery life.

Windows 10 notifications

Windows 10 notifications. Source: The Verge

Microsoft told tech site The Verge that the notifications are only meant to be “tips” in order to help users “enhance their Windows 10 experience”.

Microsoft added that the notifications can be turned off at any time, should users not wish to receive tips on improving their battery life.

Last month, Microsoft released a video in which the company claimed its Edge browser outperformed Google Chrome by 70 percent in a battery test.

Last week, Microsoft started rolling out its new blockbuster Anniversary Update for Windows 10.

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As part of the update, Edge received a number of new features including the introduction of extensions to the web browser for the first time.

The extensions, which are similar to the ones found in Google Chrome are available from the likes of Save Pocket, LastPass and Office.

The new update also brings an option for Edge users to automatically delete their web history.



  1. I get sick and tired of M$ trying to force feed me the browser they think I should want. I was fine with IE and only switched to Chrome because I hate the style of Edge. No matter what they do, I refuse to use Bing. Google just gets it and doesn’t mess with their design.

  2. I have hated IE for a long time. Firefox was good, but I have really like Chrome. I have never been interested in “Edge” because of my IE experience. I have no reason to switch now. If I were to switch it wouldn’t be to Edge.

  3. buck craig on

    Slimy tactics. MS is trying to maintain their monopoly on all things computer, even though google and other entities are light years ahead of them. Oh well, when all else fails, use scare tactics.

  4. rshewmaker on

    Meanwhile, I can’t restore, scannow, access settings, notifications or the start menu for that matter. Same old Windows, same old f@#$ing issues. Thanks anniversary preview updates.

  5. rshewmaker on

    I would have to admit Defender (Security Essentials, or whatever they’ve been branded with today) has been smooth sailing compared to everything else out there that Windows 10 hasn’t aborted or declared witchery.

  6. @rshewmaker:disqus Had you read last weeks stories , than you would have known that Windows10 AU has given problems of blocking many computers, ref. Reddit. Wait till MS acknowledges the problems, and offers a remedie before upgrading to Windows10 AU. I am using my favorite Ubuntu anyway and my weekly Windows session is delayed till the AU is considered safe.