Microsoft Targets Asia, States It’s a Cybercrime and Malware Hub


Microsoft announces the opening of the company’s Cybercrime Satellite Center. The company’s newest center is located in Singapore. Currently, Microsoft maintains 3 of its 5 centers within the continent, with one in Tokyo and Beijing.

Cybercrime Satellite Centers aim to combat cybercrimes that target the company’s operating system and software. Malware and botnets are said to be the most vital targets by the company. All reports from the Asian centers are fed back to the main Cybercrime Center in Washington for further analysis.

The company states that Singapore was a strategic location to open a center. Close proximity to other Asian countries and a well-established center aimed at targeting cybercrime are just two of the reasons that Singapore is an ideal match. A representative stated that Singapore is also a major financial center of the world, which will allow the company to follow the money trail in hopes of finding the criminals in charge of the cyberattacks.

China is also a great concern for the company. Counterfeit software is a major target for malware. Infection rates in the country are extremely high, states Microsoft. An unsecured supply chain is to blame, states the company. Many computer owners in the country are buying new computers with malware already installed. Automatic updates and basic firewall protection is also disabled on these machines.

Working closely with Interpol in the country is a main benefit, states Microsoft. The company has stated that working together will bring results very quickly. Microsoft would not elaborate on the collaboration or which malware creators they were currently investigating.

A trend in the creation of malware has moved towards highly targeted infections of just a small group of users. The company’s Singapore center will allow for an easier time following money made through the malware and catching the malicious coders.


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