Microsoft testing 3 new Surface devices – and they sound awesome


Latest reports suggest that Microsoft is getting ready to launch three new Surface all in one (AIO) devices later this year.

News broke of the Surface AIO back in June when the DigiTimes reported that Microsoft was planning a Surface AIO as an option or alternative to the Surface Book.

This news has further been reported by Windows Central who claim that Microsoft are testing three display sizes: 21 inch, 24 inch and 27 inch. The 21 inch will reportedly feature a Full HD display, while the 24 and 27 inch models will come with 4K displays.

Microsoft have been testing potential hardware for their Surface range for a while now and the general belief is that if they do launch a Surface AIO it will not be a typical desktop machine that you would commonly associate with the likes of Dell, HP or Apple.

Back in July Microsoft again hinted at the release of a new Surface branded device that we would be launched in 2016 with three more likely in 2017.

Windows Central reported that the new machine will be able to close flush in a similar manner to a laptop.

This will be done with the use of a hinge that will surely be welcomed after the unsightly gap that was introduced by the use of a Fulcrum hinge that allows the keyboard to detach itself from the display.

Details about the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 are still very sketchy and it is believed that Microsoft may even be waiting for the release of Intel’s Kaby Lake processors which may put the launch back to 2017. This would tie in with two major updates of Windows 10.


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