Microsoft tightens up security on Edge browser – soon to be more secure than ever


Microsoft is about to launch a new security upgrade that will mean that surfing the internet will get a whole lot safer.

Earlier this week the tech giant announced its Edge browser will start blocking Adobe Flash by default.

Flash has been the subject of several cyber attacks and security glitches this year alone and this has resulted in most of the leading web browsers blocking it.

It is believed that the next build update of Microsoft Edge will now switch automatically to HTML5 content when loading webpages.

For pages that do run Flash, a pop-up window will appear asking users if they wish to allow the program to run rather that than it happening automatically although it can be set to unblock by default.
Google had already announced that they would be blocking Flash by default and Mozilla and Apple have also sent signals indicating that they will follow suit with Firefox and Safari.

Microsoft will not be issuing a blanket ban however as they will allow some of the internet’s most popular sites that run Flash to remain unblocked although they have not divulged which ones.

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The update will soon be available to users of the Windows Insider Program and is expected to be released on the full version early next year when the Windows Creator Update becomes available.

The next big upgrade of Windows 10 is expected to see several improvements with many aimed at those working in design and media as it will allow 3D systems to operate.

Like the roll out of Windows 10, the new Creators Update will be available as a free upgrade to all current users.


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