Microsoft to unveil all new Surface PC next month


Microsoft is set to unveil the next generation of its popular Surface devices at a tech event next month, industry experts have claimed.

Codenamed Cardinal, Microsoft is expected to unveil the much anticipated all in one desktop PC, which is designed and built in house by the US tech giant, reports ZDNet.

Sources close to the project say the Surface PC is the next generation in home computing and can “turn your desk into a studio”.

The new Surface PC is rumoured to include a similar design to an iMac and will be available in three different sizes.

The first will be a full HD 21 inch display at 1080P, a 4K 24 inch, with the premium model being a 27 inch display also at 4K.

Microsoft will also include a number of features from its Surface Hub in the new PC, including the Perceptive Pixel Display.

Microsoft has been rumoured to have been working on a high end all in one PC for some time.

Those rumours intensified earlier this year when it was discovered the company filed a patent for an all in modular PC back in 2015.

The tech giant is also believed to be close to unveiling the second generation of its Surface Book.

Surface Book

Surface Book. Image: Microsoft

The Surface Book 2 is expected to come with a number of design tweaks, that will see Microsoft remove the gap created by the huge hinge at the back of the device.

The hinge, whilst rather clunky, does enable users to detach the screen from its base and so it can be used as a Windows 10 tablet.

The new design is rumoured to allow the the Surface Book 2 to close flush, in the same way a laptop closes.

Other rumours surround the Surface Book 2 is that it will include Intel’s powerful new Kaby Lake Processor, which support USB 3.1 – capable of very fast data transfer speeds.

The Surface Book 2 is also rumoured to include a 4K Ultra HD display at 3000×2000 pixel resolution.


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