Microsoft Translator app translates 50 languages (also supports Thai)


Microsoft has just released an app called Translator for Android and iOS, that translates your text and speech into 50 languages. Besides mobile phones, Translator also works with Apple Watch and Android Wear as well.

Microsoft Translator app

Besides smartphones, Translator also supports smartwatches, making your Android Wear device or Apple Watch more useful if you’re on the go.

The watch app can read out translations in any of the supported languages, including Spanish, Thai and Chinese. Pretty useful if you’re travelling and need to learn a few phrases.

Additionally, you can pin any of the translated phrases for quick reference, or find them on the History screen.

Microsoft Translator App

Is it accurate? Those who have used the app say it’s very fast, and is largely pretty accurate. Of course, if you’re translating English to Thai for example you might get a few incorrect results.

You might also want to use Google Translate as a backup, as the company says its service translates over 100 billion words a day and works in real-time if you point your phone’s camera at foreign text. However, Microsoft has beaten Google to be first with a smartwatch version…

Android owners can get the app from Google Play, and iOS users can download it from iTunes.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb.


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  1. i tried it and the results were not accurate at all.
    I cut and paste some of the Thairath Newspaper and when translated to English it was laughable. Not accurate.
    For small sentences yes but for something larger like a story in a newspaper or magazine it is not good