Microsoft unveil their office of the future in Thailand – there’s no where to sit


Microsoft have unveiled their office of the future concept in Thailand.

There are no set spaces for staff – they could be anywhere. You need to use something called “Find Me” to locate where a person is you want to see. No one has there own office anymore.

People stand up rather than sit down.

Image: Daily News

Image: Daily News

There’s something called a Collaboration Room – apparently this is where ideas are shared.

The “Intelligent Workplace” is meant to make it easier than ever to communicate.

Boss of Microsoft Thailand Orapong Thianngern said that “digital transformation is not the future – it is here right now”.

If a business wants to be successful they have to:

1. Engage customers
2. Empower employees
3. Optimize the business
4. Transform products/ business

Microsoft Office in Thailand

Image: Daily News

She gave various examples of how Microsoft was helping companies in the private and government sectors to do just that.

In Thailand they are working to improve voice recognition software in the Thai language. Microsoft are also working with the government on programs to detect and limit the effect of malware used by criminals.

Via: Daily News


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