Microsoft unveils new concept touchscreen that you don’t need to touch


Microsoft has revealed a new concept touchscreen that you don’t even need to touch and works by sensing the movements of the users fingers.

The potentially ground breaking display has been developed by engineers at the Microsoft Research Lab.

The screen uses an array of sensors that are located on the front and sides of the device to detect when the user’s finger is approaching the screen.

The potential functionalities that this feature opens are very interesting.

For example, browsing web pages would become easier, as hyperlinks which can make often make a page looked cluttered or busy would be not visible unless the user hovered their finger over the screen.

If someone is watching a video, the pause, play and fast forward icons would only appear when the viewer’s finger is hovering above the screen.

Multi-touch features will also be supported in a way not previously possible. For example a user could tap on a file with one finger and with another open up a secondary window.
This will allow users to open, share or delete documents or files.

The idea is of course not completely new and is a little similar in its principle to Apple’s Force Touch feature on the iPhone 6S –however the Microsoft version goes one step further.

Sadly, users should not expect to see phones featuring the screen in the shops any time soon.

The features had been planned to launched on the flagship Windows phone some time ago but the plans were scrapped due to developers struggling to build compatible apps.

It is not easy to imagine how this unique interface will work in practical terms and many skeptics think that is will not be launched on any future devices that are currently in the pipeline so we will just have to sit back and see what happens.


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