Microsoft Unveils the Budget-Friendly Surface 3


Microsoft unveiled the Surface 3 today, which is thinner, slower but more affordable than the Surface Pro 3. The Surface 3 is the latest addition to the company’s tablet-hybrid lineup.

The Surface 3 will cost just $499 and features a 10.8” screen. Microsoft says the tablet offers 10 hours of video playback on a single battery charge. The Surface 3 will run Windows and come bundled with a year’s subscription to Office 365.

For all intents and purposes, the Surface 3 looks and feels just like the Surface Pro 3. The display is a bit smaller and it’s not quite as powerful as its Pro counterpart, but they’re nearly identical in every other aspect.

While no accessories are included, the Surface 3 comes with 64GB of storage and 2GB of RAM. You can double the RAM and the storage for just $100. And if you’re hoping to use Microsoft’s Type Cover, you’ll have to shell out $129.

Microsoft developed the Surface 3 so that it could sell the tablet-hybrid at a lower price point. The base price of the Surface 3 is 62% lower than its Pro counterpart.

The Surface 3 is now available for pre-sale and will officially go on sale on May 5.



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  2. $100 for an extra 64 GB?? The outrage! The hubris! Oh wait… I thought this was an Apple rant.