Microsoft updates Skype [again] following backlash from users


Microsoft has updated its Skype app for iOS and Android following a backlash from users who criticised the app’s new look.

The changes proved so unpopular the app’s ratings in the Google Play Store and App Store plummeted.

The June update to Skype saw the app take on a complete redesign, which many people said made Microsoft’s popular video calling app more like SnapChat or Facebook Messenger.

Microsoft claimed the update was the best version of Skype to date but users were not convinced and as well as complaining about its overall look, hit out at Microsoft for removing important features such as the ability to see if a contact is online.

iOS and Android users quickly took to social media and left one star reviews in their respective app stores.

“This update is an atrocity. Unstable, laggy performance. The UI is unresponsive and lacks real-time updates. The transitions are not​ smooth. There are clearly incompatibilities with this build and many phones as many of the recent reviews are complaints. This programming is lazy and is simply a broke man’s version of Facebook Messenger,” read one review on the Google Play Store.

“Latest design overhaul is just terrible, kills the whole experience. The interface is sooo, sooo confusing! Was it designed by a 2 year old?”, wrote another

But now it seems Microsoft has listened to users and has rolled out another update to reinstate some of the removed features and address some of the criticisms.

In a blog post last week, Microsoft said: “We’ve received a lot of great feedback from the Skype community.

“We want you to know we’ve been listening, updating, and responding to your feedback.

“We’re committed to providing you with an amazing experience we know only this newest generation of Skype can deliver.”

“But our mission doesn’t stop there. We’ll continue to make improvements—including new features and functions—over the coming months,”

The latest round of updates means users can once again delete conversations and contacts, as well as adding new features which makes it possible to share content from Skype to other chat apps.

Unfortunately, the Snapchat inspired design remains unchanged.


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